Monday, February 18, 2008


General Election of Malaysia will be held at 8th March this year. The nomination day will be on 24th March and the period of campaign is 13 days. It's not too long compared to other countries such as Britain and United States. However, we will see the 'big war' will occurred between Barisan Nasional (BN) and Barisan Alternatif (BA) according to the current issues such as corruption of leaders, sex scandal and the raising prices of public interest . Unfortunately, the BA are not allowed to access to the Media. We can see on TV News, almost promoting the BN. This condition are not happen in the other countries who also claimed that they are democratic country.

In my opinion, this is not fair and not good for the development of critical thinking among Malaysians. Actually, the involvement in the general election is good for everybody. Why? this is because through the election we can choose our leader. Of course we want a good and the best leader without any corruption, scandal and so on. How we can get the true information if the media are not free and fair? The role of media is very important especially in educating the people so that the can think critically, analysis the issues and aware to the public and country problem. What will happen if the media always lie to the people? Could we educate the people or produce an educated people?

The election will make the people being responsible to the country. Therefore, they need to choose a good leader to govern and manage the country and its wealth properly according to the principles of management and the Shariah. Therefore, the media must be independent and responsible to tell the truth to the people. Last but not least, the election is not everything but everything could started with a free and fair election. Towards a Good Government for Quality Citizen.

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